Clogged Drains or Pipes

Pump The Plunger

Before you call us about a clogged sink or shower drain, try a plunger or a zip-it drain-cleaner tool. Neither requires you to take anything apart, and both often do the trick in just a few minutes.

Plumbing Sin

Have you ever had a clog and thought… I’ll just pour a gallon of this chemical down the drain? One of the big plumbing sins is the overuse of Drain Cleaner! Drain cleaner products are a very effective and a safe way of getting rid of blockages in drains if you use them carefully and on the right kind of blockage and certain pipes. However, when you are cleaning a drain do not use with caution, you could end up causing further corrosion the drain itself and possibly make the blockage worse. When you do finally call the plumber it may end up requiring extra repairs.

Check Your Bellie

Are you having ‘clogged-drain’ issues more often that you usual? Call us so we can camera the main line and check for breaks or bellies. If you do have a damaged sewer line, its best to have it repaired or replaced before it collapses.

Stop the Stoppage

If you think you have a clog (also known as a stoppage) DO NOT run the washing machine, dishwasher or take a lengthy shower until it is repaired. These activities use a lot of water and could cause excessive overflow.

Make Up Your Mixture

By treating your sink and bathtub drains once a week to this quick, safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning process. Make up a mixture of 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of baking soda, and 1/4 cup cream of tartar. Pour equal amounts into your various drains and follow it with 2 cups of boiling water for each drain.