A New Homeowner?

Licensed Plumber

We would like to remind all of the new home buyers, please have a licensed plumber check the sewer and plumbing lines before you close on your new home. We hear horror stories and do NOT want you to be one of them.

Home Buying Season

Summer is the “home buying” season. Many new homebuyers find out too late that their dream home is riddled with water leakage or a poor plumbing system. In fact, 44% of consumers call a plumber within one year of purchasing a home. To avoid such unexpected and costly problems, we recommend that you have a plumber visually inspect any potential home for serious problems.

Get it on Video

In case you or anyone you know is buying a home…A drain line video inspection is highly recommended for homes with cast iron drain pipes, in addition to a home inspection. The drain line video will show if the buried pipes are deteriorated, clogged, or rusted.This is important because replacing a deteriorated drain line between the house and the sewer can be expensive (up to $15,000 depending on the distance and landscape/ hardscape).

Know The Costs Up Front

If you are in the market for a new home, you may want to consider having your dream house checked out by a licensed Plumber in addition to your inspector.  A Plumber can bring a special camera that will allow him to check the condition of the sewer line. Finding this can potentially save you thousands! Should your sewer line have a crack or break, you probably will want to know up front as the costs of having it repaired can be a game changer.