What Our Customers Are Saying

We are proud of the quality and service of our work and we tend to let it speak for itself. However, we always appreciate kind words from our customers who have been satisfied with our services. Here are some testimonials from our customers.

“Home Safe and Dry Again”

Ok, so now just add me to the list of “Fans of Brian the Master Plumber.” And, let me tell you, if you have a bad feeling about a plumber, just wait until Brian can fit you in to do the job right the first time! We had a bad feeling about the plumber our contractor sent to do work at our house, and we did’t feel confident about him, but, well, the contractor sent him, sooo…long story short, Brian came out and took out all the work the contractor’s plumber did and did it the right way, potentially saving us thousands of dollars and trouble down the road. And, well, I probably could have done what the other plumber did, it was so awful. Thanks Brian, for making my home safe and dry again!!


“Professional, Nice and Honest”

Ya’ll if you ever need any plumbing work or advice, use Brian the Master Plumber! Professional, nice, and honest are three words that come to mind!

Use local business!


“Highly recommend”

Big shout out to Brian Vanetti, Master Plumber!! Had a major clog over the weekend that we couldn’t open on our own. Called him this morning, he came out this afternoon & we are clog-free. I hate to say it, but I’m happy to be able to do laundry again. Nice man, reasonable rates. Highly recommend.


“Big Shout Out”

Just wanted to give a big shout out to Brian Vanetti for coming over and fixing our plumbing issue. As expected he was courteous, fair on price and most of all solved our problem. Highly recommended. Thanks, man!


“First Time Homeowner”

As a newbie to the neighborhood, I’m so thankful for this page! It’s been an invaluable resource in just a few short months already!

If anyone needs a plumber…. I totally recommend Brian- Master Plumber located on the Home Improvement list! He returned my call within 20 minutes at 7:00AM! It turned out to be a minor issue but he took the time to explain it to me in detail, which I greatly appreciate as a first time homeowner.


“Came to the Rescue”

Brian Vanetti, our awesome neighborhood plumber came to the rescue yesterday!! Thank you Brian | Master Plumber!


“Brian Strikes Again”

Super Plumber Brian strikes again! Would not give up until he fixed the problem. Glad to have him in the neighborhood!


“Helped Me Out”

Brian the Master Plumber is the BOMB, guys! He helped me out of a bind once again!


“Saving Us From the Poo”

Thank you Brian, Master Plumber, for coming to our rescue yesterday, on the weekend – on your birthday – and saving us from the poo (sewer) water swiftly filling our house! Great service!


“Fantastic Prices”

Brian came by today! I highly recommend him! If anyone needs a great plumber, I can’t say enough good things about Brian the Plumber–he is right here in Heights and he is AWESOME! Same day service, fantastic prices–if you are one of the few people in the neighborhood who hasn’t benefitted from his services, I suggest you call him next time you have plumbing needs!


“Small Gas Leak”

Just to give y’all a heads up. We had a small gas leak and had to turn the gas off. Called another company to check on it (my folks had used them) and the guy couldn’t find it anywhere above ground in or out of the house. He said they’d have to charge $625 just to pull the permit and going under the house would probably be anywhere from $2000 and up. You can only imagine my thoughts. I called Brian and he came over and found the leak in the stove. Never had to go under the house! Fair price too!


“Did a Great Job”

Thank you Alisa and Brian the plumber. Their guys were at my house for a repair early this morning and did a great job. Thanks!



Brian Vanetti the plumber is awesome. I called yesterday and he was over within 2 hours and fixed my problem. Awesome.


“Very professional”

Just wanted to throw a big shout out to Brian the Plumber for coming out and fixing our bathroom sink today! Very professional and knowledgeable so if you have a plumbing issue Brian the Plumber is the man!!


“Problem Fixed”

Just wanted to brag on Brian the master plumber! Husband was doing some laundry today and the drain backed up in the laundry room. Brian called back within 5 minutes and had guys at our house within 2 hours! Problem fixed and for a reasonable price too!! Thanks Brian!