Built with Integrity and Pride

Our company is defined by who we are. We are guided by a set of principles that define our service, our attitude and our commitment to our customers. It is through these strong principles that we build relationships that endure to the last drop.


Our Commitment

Plumbing is becoming a high-demand trade. With trades in schools disappearing and college being the focus for most graduates, that leaves few to the trades industry. Sadly, we see much too often a situation where some are put in a situation to work in an industry outside of their expertise, (like plumbing) due to the shortage of experts in this industry.

Brian, however is trying to change this trend by hiring and training quality professionals who bring integrity and pride to each job. We want to break the stigma of the traditional plumber by delivering quality work at a fair price.

We educate our customers so they fully understand the extent of their plumbing issues. We offer “BETTER & BEST” options! We believe you should have options and control over your repairs by letting you decide which one fits you and your budget!

Brian Vanetti

Head Honcho

Brian | Master Plumber is from Loyalton, California; a small town near Tahoe in Northern California. Itching to get out of there he jumped into the professional racing scene. Indy Car & Drag Racing, though it was fun it kept him on the road (non-stop). So he made a big move to Honda’s headquarters in Los Angeles, California working in their Research and Development for Honda engines.

After two years in the corporate industry he somewhat inherited a small portion of a plumbing business, 12 years later decided it would be beneficial for him to branch off from the partners and nurture his own business, in hopes of leaving something for his son, Jett.

Alisa Holmes

Ink Slinger

Alisa, you know… the lady that answers the phone?
Her professional background consists of 13 years in Marketing. She graduated from a private business college, triple majoring in Advertising, Marketing & Business Management. Shortly after graduation, she gained a position as a Direct and Database Marketing Manager, then was promoted to Marketing Analyst with RadioShack at their new headquarters in downtown Fort Worth. Simultaneously, she owned and operated a small business, Fire & Ice.

After selling the small business, she went on to take a position with Parker Products, Inc. as a Marketing Director and hired talented freelancers and eventually their first agency. Since then she has worked for Dallas Morning News, some high-profile clients and now she and her partner are starting a business that was driven by the want to offer people quality work, reasonable prices and motivation to change the customer experience in the plumbing industry. She even has her Plumbing Apprentice license!

Our Team

We hire the right people for the job. The plumbing team at DriedPiper consists of trained professionals who are able to handle most plumbing issues. Our plumbers will give you the proper service and find the best solution to fix the plumbing problems in your home or office. Our goal is to work efficiently to provide quick and top quality service at a fair price.

What We Do

There are more common plumbing repairs we can quote for Free in over the phone to save you time. (Note: Slab Leaks and other heavy or more complicated repair jobs we do not quote over the phone.) Clogged drains in sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, leaking faucets or fixtures etc. that we have standardized pricing for; but prices may differ slightly depending on a number of variables.

In some cases when you call we may determine it will be more fair to you to do an on site visual inspection and provide you with a complete written estimate. Plumbing Repair estimates can and differ widely depending on a number of variables. For most plumbing services plumbing companies do not have a set plumbing repair price list due to those variables.  Visual Inspection and Written Estimates are FREE from DriedPiper. So give us a call to see whether a Free Phone Quote or a free visual inspection and written estimate will best suit your situation.

Sewer, Gas and Water Service

• Drain Cleaning and Repair
• Conventional Sewer Line Cleaning
• Hydro Jetting
• FREE Video Inspection with any
Drain Cleaning / Stoppage
• Gas leak repair
• Sewer, Gas and Water line REPAIRS
• Sewer, Gas and Water line TESTING
• Sewer, Gas and Water line INSPECTIONS
• Water Heater Replacement
• Water Heater Repair
• Fixture Replacement (Faucets, Tubs, etc.)
• Toilet Repairs & Replacements

Leak Location and Repair

• Under-Slab Sewer and Water
• Sewer Repair and Replacements
• Slab Leak Repair

Water Heaters

• Tankless Gas Water Heaters
• Wall-Hung Space-Saving Units
• Tank-Type Water Heaters
• Extended Warranties
• Environmentally Friendly Burners
• Brass Drain Valve
• Energy Efficient 40 or 50 Gallon Units
• Traditional Gas Systems
• Recirculating Pumps for hot water efficiency